my gift, my passion, my purpose.

I am sitting here thinking about all of the amazing things that happened in May and I am not even sure where to start.  So many firsts for me.  I heard something today: It is hard to remember days but we have an easier time remembering moments.

FullSizeRender-21I look back at all of my photos and each and every one brings a smile to my face or warms my heart for what happened in that given moment.  In the beginning of May, I spent a Friday night singing to Children in the Cancer Center at our local hospital.  The minute I started singing, there was a certain calmness and joy for this patient (photo above).

“I see usually that they start to smile, maybe sometimes they’ll even eat when we couldn’t get them to eat before,” Joan Jarosz, a pediatric nurse said. “Or they’ll start to play.”   This little guy was having his birthday.  He was adorable.  He was really quiet and calm when I was there (pictured on the left). His sister is holding him.  His Mom told me that he really liked me.  He just stared in to my eyes when I sang to him.  He also really liked my hair.

One of the most touching  moments of the night, was singing to a high school student that would be missing his last concert over that weekend.  I was also a little nervous because he too is a singer.  He had a lot of people in his room, of all ages.  When I asked him what type of music he wanted to hear, he said he likes classic rock.  Ummm, I haven’t done that yet.  So I looked around the room and decided to do Fly me to the moon.  I mean its classic!  He loved it and his parents, grandparents, family and friends were overjoyed as well.  He let me pick the next song, he told me to sing my favorite song.  He had the biggest smile.  He thanked me over and over and told me I made his day, weekend.  I had restored his spirits.

On my way out I stopped in the lobby for a few songs.  People seemed really touched. They would stop, listen, smile and some even cried.  They were on their way in or out as they just visited a loved one or were on their way home.  People started recording me and asking who I was.  I was on the NEWS, although we never did see it.  We had calls as far away as California telling us they watched the story.  All of those moments were amazing.  Truly amazing.  I am really starting to discover that my voice is allowing me to really make people happy.



I won the ePIFany Now-Pay it Forward award.  With the support of my friends, family, community and school I was able to raise money for my classmate that is battling Luekimia and ePIFany Now gifted my school $1000 for a kindness inititive.

18301335_10154261541751256_4007002955250366544_nI will be brainstorming with my principal to put those dollars to use and help create more kindness on campus.

I am so lucky at such a young age that I have discovered my passion, gift and purpose.  I really hope to use my voice to lift the spirits of others and to help raise funds for those that are in need of a little extra help. I have raised thousands of dollars to help people with medical expenses but most of all, I have made a lot of people happy.  Kindness is free.  Take something that you are good at or passionate about and share it. If you like to read, read to children or the elderly.  If you like to dance, teach others to dance. If you like to draw, create art and sell it for a cause.  My mom’s friend Barb Monette told me I inspired her to use her gift of painting to help raise money for others.  Use your gift to inspire someone or lift their spirits.

My vocal coach is still recovering.  I miss him. I hope someday we can work together again.  This year has caused me to really step out of my comfort zone.  I am quiet, except when I sing.  This has been something I have been trying to work on.  When my vocal coach found out he had cancer, things changed for me.  I started performing with a purpose.  That is when I really started to put myself out there and perform to help with his medical expenses.  Then I was nominated for a kindness award, then I began to sing to the children.  I now know and feel like I am doing this for a reason.  I didn’t know my classmate before I started raising money for her, but she will have a friend in me forever. I had an ephifany and I am so excited to follow this path.



I did it, I got on a stage for two hours and sang by myself. I think my vocal coach, Mr. Gregg would be very proud.

It was really fun. The coffee shop sells t-shirts that have “alter-ego” names and the day that I was singing, I was Tisha.


Now I am back to Kanin Elizabeth. I like it. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram at Kanin Elizabeth for my daily/weekly moments (smile).

Some photos of my photo shoot in NYC. Thank you for following my journey. As my mom says, its not a day trip…its a journey.