Big dreams, big heart.

So…I found myself in the city,  New York City!  See that pink suitcase?  It is filled with shoes.  I had my first professional shoot in NYC and I had to be ready.

IMG_1815My shoot was with Michael Webber, yes thee Michael Webber.  He was fun, he made me feel comfortable and he played great music. This was the first time that I had a stylist with hair and make-up team.  It will be at least a month until my photo’s are ready but I will share a few when they are available.  I had a sit down with my agency after my shoot. I wont officially be available for bookings until my photos are ready and my comp card is complete. A comp card is a card that shows several different photos of yourself to show how versatile your look can be.  We really discussed in detail what I wanted to do and wFullSizeRender-7hat I was comfortable with. My talent manager Talia, was super nice and down to earth. Talia really shared how the industry worked and what I could expect moving forward and if this is not what I was expecting I can exit at anytime. I am glad that I will have the opportunity to explore the industry as I work on my singing.  On Friday, (the next day) I spent a little time in a recording studio. KIDZ SPARKLE is a new kids App that is launching. It is a place for kids (3-13) to go and sing. It is a platform for any level. A safe place that allows kids to develop their skills and also compete for prizes. I will be featured soon. Please follow me, and vote if I need votes (smile).


I need your HELP! Meet the Nominations of the 2017 Y-PIF Award!

It’s ME, guys…it’s ME! I am a finalist for the 2017 Y-Pif Award. FullSizeRender-8What does that mean? I was nominated by Miss Andrea Billups. Miss Andrea nominated me for trying to raise money for my vocal coach that is recovering from cancer. I started singing to raise money for his medical expenses.  Now that I am a finalist, I need your help. I need your vote! I talked to Mr Gregg’s wife, Miss Robin and we have decided that the money we raise this time around will go to a classmate of mine that was just diagnosed with cancer. A Fifth grader at Herbison Woods in Dewitt was just diagnosed with this awful disease. Every vote is $1. So I am asking for your vote. I do not keep any of it. 100% of the funds will go to my classmate regardless if I win. If I win, my school will receive $1000. Here is where you can vote! It only takes $1.

Pledge $1 (1 vote) $5 (5 votes) any amount (10, 20, 100 sky’s the limit) . Lets come together and help my classmate.

I will personally be Thanking you all! I have to give a big shout-out to Barb Monette. Barb  reached out to me and said that I inspired her to use her talent to help. Barb is an amazing Artist. Barb started painting and raised money for Mr. Gregg on her own. Complete strangers went to his Go-Fund me page and started donating. What a blessing you are. Thank you Miss Andrea for nominating me. It was through your eyes that I get to help one more person and I have the opportunity to gift money to my school.


I have reached out to the Sparrow Foundation and I will start singing to the kids at the Children’s Center. I am hoping by sharing my voice with the children staying at the hospital, that I can lift their spirits.

Please join me on MAY 7th. I will report back to the event on my time with the kids and hopefully sing a little song. I challenge you to go out in to the community and do 1 or 2 random acts of KINDNESS and meet me at the MSU Federal Credit Union Headquarters on May 7th. More details to follow. We will be given a check for my classmate and hopefully a Panther win for $1000 for our school.

Here are a few more photos from my NYC trip. Please follow me on Instagram, that’s where all the fun happens! My Instagram is Kanin Elizabeth.


FullSizeRender-10       FullSizeRender-12

IMG_1787  IMG_1962IMG_1904

Thank you for following my dream,


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