Rise up


In February, I found out that my vocal coach was having surgery to remove cancer from his mouth. I don’t know all of the technical terms but what I do know is that he is not teaching right now. February 15th was my last lesson. We knew the date was approaching and we thought he would only be out for a few weeks.


When I was in LA, I was given really good advise. I was also given goals that I was suppose to achieve in the next two years. The first thing was to start dreaming out-loud. I shared how this is really hard for me. I can check that off my list. As you know, when we came back from Hawaii I started: Facebook, My Blog & Instagram.

The next goal, was to start songwriting. One of the agents that I met with, told me I needed to start writing my own songs. Believe it or not it is very difficult to find songs that are clean enough for me to sing. I do my best. On February 15th, Mr. Gregg told me it was time to get a hook book. A hook book is a place that song writers write down their lyrics and start to create their stories. Gregg is a Songwriter and travels to Nashville.IMG_0377

It’s funny, my parents left February 16th for Key West with our neighbors/friends. While they were in the Keys, they went on a fishing trip. The Captain owned the fishing charter and they were lucky enough to have him that day. He shared a ton of stories. Billy Currington had produced one of his music videos on his boat in Key West. He also mentioned that one of his closest friends was Dallas Davidson . He is the best songwriter in the country. For those of you that know my Mom, how hard do you think it was for her not to mention ME???? Click on his last name to see his work.

So, I might be set back a little bit on that goal as I have not been able to work with Mr. Gregg sense February 15th but I was also suppose to start piano. I did February 1st. I keep singing. I am singing songs to raise money for Mr. Gregg. He will probably be out for sometime. Teaching vocal and guitar is what he does. I am doing my best to sing for dollars to help him out. Thank you to all that have supported me.

One of my other goals came this week unexpectedly. I officially signed with two agencies in NYC. I will be going to New York in April for my photo shoot. But for now, you can see me here, FUTURE FACES NYC. They work with labels like H & M, GUESS, MARC JACOB etc…I will not be up on the other site until I visit New York. THIS IS VERY EXCITING NEWS. I will share my whole NYC trip in my next blog. Wish me luck.

As difficult as the month has been, I will still rise up and continue to be my best self. I really feel that my voice is a gift and if I can use it to help Mr. Gregg, I am happy to do so. He has been wonderful to me and my family.



2 thoughts on “Rise up

  1. We believe in you. You are such an amazing young lady with the kindest heart. I wish all people were as kind and loving as you are Miss Kanin. You are an angel here on earth. Keep up your unselfish work to help Mr Gregg and others who are less fortunate. You are the best!


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