I started singing before I could talk, humming actually. My passion for singing has been a secret. I have only shared my voice with a few family members and close friends ( like two really- Avery & Holly ). My third and fourth grade music teacher had no idea I could sing. When I was nine years old I attended a week long camp at the Wharton Center in East Lansing with Paul Canaan from the Broadway Show, Kinky Boots. Paul offers an amazing camp that introduces all ages to the Arts and allows you to sing, act and dance with amazing artist from around the country. At the end of the week they offer head shots and for the past two years I have worked with the amazing photographer from NYC.  His name is Curtis from CURTIS & CORT. He mentioned to my parents that I should consider modeling as a way to save for college. When they came back the second year, he asked if we had reached out to any agencies. This was just never anything we considered. We ended up having a few SKYPE sessions with a few people over the summer in California but nothing really worked out as I was in Michigan and we were fine with that. I have never considered myself a model. I love to sing.
My Mom has a friend, a wonderful friend. Miss Andrea is a handbag designer, her company is Be Brilliant. She is beautiful img_0305and very well connected. Miss Andrea has spent a career as a journalist and has even worked for People Magazine. Sometimes I go to lunch with my Mom and Miss Andrea. She is super fun to listen to. Miss Andrea suggested reaching out to someone she knew in California to get some advice. I think my poor Mom flopped. We know absolutely nothing about this business and we had no idea what to even ask her. I think they exchanged a few emails but again she really had no idea what to ask. We even had a girl from our home town move to Hollywood/LA and she ended up not even following up with us. The one thing you should know about my Mom, she’s like a private investigator. She will do the research if it is something she wants to know about. The challenge is, we don’t know what we want to know or do. We do know we have questions. This is my sport. All of my friends play soccer, softball, basketball and swim (I also love to swim) but I sing..every day, 7 days a week.
The one piece of advice Miss Andrea’s friend did give us was if you go out to LA, you need to have a plan. We talked to people that had been in LA for years and had never had an opportunity to sit in front of an agent or a director. During the Summer I started auditioning via SKYPE and I was invited to come out to LA. I had the opprotunity to sing, model and act in front of several agents and directors. So before we went to Hawaii we spent 5 days in LA.
This is where my story begins. I hope you will follow along. This is going to be a journey. I was given four goals this year. The first one is to DREAM OUT LOUD. I have to share my dream with others which includes my voice. One piece of advice they gave me, was that I had to start social media. This frightens my MOM. Honestly, I wish all of my friends could have taken the social media class that I took. It was a good lesson for all of my years to come and don’t worry my Mom is monitoring every word. My Dad said that he wished all of the athletes that he follows would have went through this social media class before they started sharing all of their “dirty laundry” with the world on Facebook. If you would like to follow along, I am on Instagram and Facebook  link to Facebook as Kanin Elizabeth (Instagram @kaninelizabeth). All of my information will be inspirational and positive. If you know of any young people also needing encouragement or would like support living out their dreams, please share my contact information. If you are hoping to one day go to Hollywood, you will benefit greatly from my blog. It was a lot of work. We planned for about three months before we went to CA and had to prepare a lot of materials.
You may be surprised with the outcome or the path that I choose. I am undecided. This will truly be a step by step process to persuing my passion.
It is really hard for me to share my story. I am very quiet and shy but this is my dream and I am willing to give it everything I have. So I am just going to be positive and dream out loud.

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